Mike Skidmore

Artistic Profile

Artistic Subjects: Portraiture & Still Life

Artistic Medium: Oils

A little bit about me!

I’m a plump old Yorkshireman with a terrible sense of humour (so my wife tells me), and heaps of enthusiasm.


I paint portraits and still life and have been lucky enough to have exhibited at a number of posh galleries.

I’ve lead a pretty eclectic life from musician to designer, uni lecturer (nothing to do with art),

counsellor, and even had a spell on local BBC radio which ended in disaster!

My way of looking at teaching is very simple - give positive encouragement, build confidence, and of course, give lots of 

information and instruction. After all, knowledge would be pretty pointless unless shared.

So come along and I promise you will enjoy every minute and learn lots - it’s my job to make sure

that happens.


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