Get Festive in Vibrant Watercolour with Nicky Hunter - 30th November 2021

Get Festive in Vibrant Watercolour with Nicky Hunter - 30th November 2021

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Painting festive baubles in vibrant watercolour 


No need to be shy with colour this festive season, we will use watercolours in a vibrant and joyous way to paint super shiny festive baubles with WOW factor. 

This is a really fun subject matter to paint light and reflected colour in watercolour. 


We aim to create some simple mini Christmas cards as well as the main seasonal painting which you may wish to turn into this year’s Christmas card as well to send to friends and family, i'll give you some tips on how to do that.  


Tips and tricks you will learn how to create an effective eye catching  composition with a combination of bold colour and soft diffused edges. You will learn various methods how to create perfect spheres and create symmetrical shapes accurately, add simple patterns to your work and  how to use masking fluid sensitivity. 

The skills you will learn in this workshop can be transferred to many spherical objects and objects with shiny surfaces and symmetrical objects.


Nicky will provide  quality source reference material such as photos and real objects.


There will be plenty of demos to help you progress through the stages of creating your painting and lots of individual support .

Nicky aims to help you improve your understanding of watercolour painting technique and encourages you to loosen up your painting style and liven up your brushwork so you can get the most out of this exciting paint medium and bring your watercolours to life with radiant translucent colour and fluid confident painting.


The workshop is mixed ability although perhaps not suitable for those with absolutely no experience, However if you have no experience but a 'have a go attitude' and want to just get stuck in you are welcome to try too.




Please bring your regular water colour kit including brushes, paints, pencil and rubber and wear old clothes or an apron.

paper stretched ready to paint, Water-pots and palates are provided and some other items you may need are included as well as source reference material in the form of real, fresh or dried flowers, quality  photos or other visual reference material.



watercolour in tubes or pans, which ever you prefer.

Please bring what ever you have no need to purchase anything new specifically as Ive always got items to share if you are missing a specific colour.

There are many brands that are good, however its best to  avoid beginner sets or anything that is Acadamy or Student quality as they will be poorer quality and hinder your progress.



You will need a small medium & large watercolour brush, round or mop style are best. A small detailer or rigger and a wash brush are useful too, not essential as I have spares. 

(I prefer Sable or Squirrel hair but good quality soft synthetic are fine too)



Watercolour paper can be purchased stretched and ready to paint for £2.  You may wish to bring your own paper however - Not or Rough texture minimum 300 gran weight, size quarter imperial or A3 is usually best for this style of painting.  



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