Loosen Up In Oils - with Mark Fennell - Feb 25 – 26, 2020

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'Loosen up With Oils' with Mark Fennell RBSA

February 25th & 26th,  2020

10.00am - 4.00pm - each day



In this workshop you'll learn to loosen up your painting style and paint more freely in oils.


This course is aimed at artists that feel their painting is too tight and want their work to appear looser and more painterly. Mark will demonstrate and guide you through his simple, structured approach to painting wet-on-wet or ‘Alla prima’. The workshop will begin with a brief introduction and demonstration, followed by basic colour theory, colour mixing with oils and exploring different brush techniques. High quality photographic reference will be provided to work from or you can bring your own pictures to work from if you prefer.


The aim will be to complete a painting in two days, whether it's a landscape, a portrait or a pet portrait. There will be plenty of one to one help if you need it.


All skill levels are welcome from total beginners to more experienced painters who want to improve their technique.


What to Bring:

This is a recommended list, items will be available to purchase should you not be able to obtain them.


  • A pre primed and grounded canvas or gesso primed panel. 
  • A selection of good quality short flat hog brushes in a range of sizes from 2 - 12, also small round hog brushes size 1 and 2. Brushes must be suitable for oil painting and not watercolour or sable brushes. 
  • Palette knifes sizes 20 and 22 or similar. Such as RGM Progrip Palette Knives.
  • Zest It to for cleaning brushes and as an odourless solvent.
  • Dipper pot. e.g. Metal Twin Dipper with Lids.
  • Good size flat mixing palette (no plates or paper palettes please). 
  • Oil colours.

Recommended colours:

o Titanium white

o Naples yellow

o Cadmium yellow

o Yellow ochre

o Cadmium red

o Alizarine crimson

o Burnt sienna

o French ultramarine


  • A jar and cloths and tissues to clean brushes.


Other Items to Bring:

· A carrier or box for taking home your wet oil paintings.



    07702 060113

    The Art Barn, Manor Barn, Adderbury. OX17 3EJ