Organic Bread Making with Cate Wetherall - 5th November 2020

Organic Bread Making with Cate Wetherall - 5th November 2020

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Artisan Bread Workshop - Organic Bread for Beginners


Nothing beats the taste and look of a fresh homemade crusty loaf fresh from the oven!

If you've always wanted to bake your own bread but felt too intimidated to try, we'll teach you step by step to produce wonderful loaves in this fun, informative class.

We'll soon have you baking all your own wholesome bread at home with confidence!

Weekly Loaves | Pizza Base | Special Bakes


Demo One

To begin, we cover the basics – looking at the ingredients, learning the differences between flours and yeasts, and measuring and mixing a great bread dough.


Practical Session One

You’ll have a go at kneading your own dough, which you will leave to prove as we break for coffee.


Practical Session Two

You’ll learn to ‘knock back’ your dough, then make a pizza to cook for lunch.


Practical session Three

Once your dough has proved, you’ll master the art of shaping and baking your loaf to perfection.



We’ll take a break for lunch, which will include your homemade pizzas!


Demo Two

Focaccia, soda Bread or other speciality bread.


By the time you leave you'll be armed with bread and enough knowledge and confidence to bake all your weekly loaves!



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    The Art Barn, Manor Barn, Adderbury. OX17 3EJ