'Palette Knife Portraits' with Mark Fennell - 18th & 19th November 2020

'Palette Knife Portraits' with Mark Fennell - 18th & 19th November 2020

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Suitable for students with some oil painting experience and more advanced students.


Palette knife portrait painting in oils with Mark Fennell RBSA


Nov 17 – 18, 2020 


Learn how to paint bold expressive portraits with painting knives. 


Explore Knife painting techniques, laying the paint on thick to create a rich painting full of texture and energy. 


The day will start with a short demonstration followed by lots of one on one tuition to help you paint a powerful and convincing impasto portrait with painting knives.


Suitable for students with some oil painting experience.


What to Bring:


● A good high resolution photographic reference of a subject of your choice or a a range of good quality images will be provided.

● 2x pre primed and grounded canvases or boards. minimum size approx 16” x 14”.

● Palette knifes - minimum requirement Winsor and Newton sizes 20, 30 and 21 or similar, see image of knives below. (Quality knives please, no plastic knives.)

● Good size flat mixing palette (No paper palettes please)

● Oil colours as follows - titanium white, naples yellow, cadmium yellow pale, yellow ochre, cadmium red, alizarine crimson, burnt sienna, french ultramarine and ivory black.

● Please ensure you bring a carrier for taking home your wet painting. Mark recommends buying some carrier clips (they attach at each corner of the canvas 

to keep wet canvases apart.)


Please bring plenty of tissues or rags plus a carrier bag for dirty rags and tissues.


**If you’re trying oils for the first time all materials apart from canvases or boards can be supplied for use over the course at additional cost of £10.


Please bring a good size jar and plenty of cloths or tissues to clean brushes.


Please feel free to contact Mark if you would like advise on materials or you have a specific question about the workshop.




    07702 060113

    The Art Barn, Manor Barn, Adderbury. OX17 3EJ