Plein Air Landscape Painting with Mark Fennell -  8th & 9th October 2020

Plein Air Landscape Painting with Mark Fennell - 8th & 9th October 2020

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Plein air painting for beginners with Mark Fennell RBSA


This workshop is suitable for the complete beginner who wants to try plein air painting for the first time or intermediates that need a refresher course.


Don’t worry if you have never painted en plein air before – it’s what you’re here for! 


Mark is very enthusiastic and well practised at painting all kinds of landscapes, in all types of weather. 


He will immediately put you at ease and help everyone to choose a great spot around the farm.


Mark will demonstrate and guide you through his simple structured approach to painting in oils and acrylics, breaking everything down into easy to follow steps that will cover everything from mixing all the colours you need from a basic primary colour palette to working tonally, blocking in the larger elements and leaving the finer details for the final stages of the painting. 


The aim is to have fun, learn new techniques and build your confidence to paint outdoors!


Please make sure you bring wet weather gear incase of rain or drizzle and also bring a hat incase its bright and sunny.


The day will start with a quick demonstration to get everyone started, followed by lots of one one tuition and further short demonstrations.


Mark recommends bringing the following materials with you.

  • Paint: Oil or acrylic. Mark will be using oil paint on this workshop. Useful, but not essential colours are: Titanium White, Naples yellow, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium red, Alizarin Crimson, Raw Umber, Ultramarine Blue and Blue black are a good basic set of colours plus anything else you want to bring along.
  • Sketching easel, pochade box and/or tripod.
  • Please bring 3 or 4 small canvas or linen boards.
  • Kitchen roll or rags, a portable stainless steel washer pot for cleaning your brushes in, a carrier bag for dirty tissues and rags, a roll of masking tape.
  • Seat or stool if you prefer to sit whilst painting.
  • Canvas board or gesso primed mdf 10” x 12” is a good size. preferably painted with a light ground of burnt sienna lightened with white or alternatively a light grey ground.
  • Suitable clothing and footwear for inclement weather including a hat for both sun and shade.
  • A camera or phone to photograph the scene you are painting.
  • if you are using acrylics, a good stay wet palette and fine mist water sprayer is recommended. If you need more information on plein air materials please contact Mark


**If you’re trying oils for the first time all materials apart from canvases or boards can be supplied for use over the course at additional cost of £10.
Please bring a good size jar and plenty of cloths or tissues to clean brushes.


Please feel free to contact Mark if you would like advise on materials or you have a specific question about the workshop.



    07702 060113

    The Art Barn, Manor Barn, Adderbury. OX17 3EJ