Expressive Portraits in Oils - with Mark Fennell - 6th & 7th December 2021

Expressive Portraits in Oils - with Mark Fennell - 6th & 7th December 2021

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Portrait painting in oils with Mark Fennell RBSA

An inspiring alla prima portrait painting course for beginners or intermediate levels, if you're looking to try a portrait for the first time or improve your portrait painting skills.

Mark will demonstrate and guide you through his well structured approach to painting a portrait wet-on-wet, breaking it down into easy to follow steps that will cover everything from the colour palette and mixing skin tones to working tonally developing the structure of the head and creating a good likeness. This workshop is suitable for the beginner or intermediate levels. On day one you’ll be working from a life model and day two from photographic references.


What to bring:

  • Two pre-primed and grounded canvases or boards, minimum size 18” x 14”.
  • Please ensure you bring a carrier for taking home your wet painting if painting in oils.
**If you’re trying oils for the first time all materials apart from canvases or boards can be supplied for use over the course at additional cost of £10.
Please bring a good size jar and plenty of cloths or tissues to clean brushes.


Please feel free to contact Mark if you would like advise on materials or you have a specific question about the workshop.



    07702 060113

    Pure Artwork Studio

    The Art Barn

    Hirons Farm



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