Portraits in Oils with Mike Skidmore - 5th & 6th July 2021

Portraits in Oils with Mike Skidmore - 5th & 6th July 2021

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How to paint a realistic portraits in oils using glaze and impasto techniques.


2 day workshop - suitable for beginners and improvers


What we will do in our time together


We’ll be doing a pencil drawing directly onto the canvas, which we’ll ‘fix’ with a transparent coat of

acrylic. Then we’ll paint a tonal picture in white and grey acrylic, as this ensures the underpainting 

dries quickly. Finally we’ll paint in oils, covering every aspect of the classical painting process.


What you will learn

  • A new way to use a grid system for the drawing (students can draw freehand if preferred)
  • How to address the tonal values of a picture in order to create a sense of three dimensions
  • How to paint skin, the mouth, hair and eyes - not forgetting ears (everyone hates painting them)!!
  • How to build a painting in layers
  • Glazing and mediums - how to use them, when to use them and their advantages
  • Lots of other stuff too numerous to mention!




2b pencils and sharpener

Putty rubber

3 x jam jars

White spirit

A cotton rag

Kitchen towel

Cotton buds

'T' square - a cheap plastic one will do

Palettes - the silver foil platters that supermarkets sell are ideal. Students can 

then take them home and use the paint on them.



Acrylics - I will bring a selection of what is needed


Cadmium red

Yellow ochre

Cadmium yellow

Sap green

Ultramarine blue

Titanium white

Burnt umber

Raw umber

Ivory black

I will also have a selection of paints to use, so don't splash out!



Oil or acrylic brushes are fine

A sable or rigger brush in either size 3, 4, 5

Square end or filbert brushes in size 2, 4, 6 

Blending brush (sometimes called a fan brush)


I will also bring a selection in case someone hasn't got a particular brush 


Canvas boards

I prefer students to work on the same canvas boards that I use, as I know 

exactly how the paint will behave: Belle Arte canvas boards 24 x 30 cm which can be bought online from Jackson's Art.

They are about £7.00 each. I will also bring some in case anyone can't get hold of them.



I make my own and will provide enough for each student




    07702 060113

    Pure Artwork Studio

    The Art Barn

    Hirons Farm



    CV36 5HS