Self portraiture in oils or acrylics - Mark Fennell RBSA - 30th & 31st Oct 2019

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Self portraiture in oils or acrylics with Mark Fennell RBSA


Mark’s two day workshop aims to help artists develop their paint and brush handling toward achieving a characterful, expressive and realistic self portrait in oils.


He’ll begin the course with a quick demonstration, then you’ll have the opportunity to warm up with some loose studies before moving onto working up a finished self portrait.


Mark is very hands on and you’ll get lots of one on one tuition throughout the course.

All levels welcome from beginners with some painting experience to more advanced students.


What to bring:

  • Good high quality A4 head and shoulders photographic reference of yourself or more advanced painters bring a small mirror and work from life.
  • One or two pre-primed and grounded canvases or boards.
A selection of long handle short flat hog paint brushes for oil painters or synthetic acrylic brushes for acrylic painters, in a range of sizes from 2 - 12, also small round or filbert hog brushes size 1 and 2.
  • Palette knives - Winsor and newton sizes 20 and 22 or similar.

  • For oil painters - Zest-It painting medium or similar low odour thinners and linseed oil or alternatively Liquin original.
  • For oil painters, a dipper/pot to hold the thinners.
  • A good size flat mixing palette.
 (no plates or foil trays please)
  • Preferably a stay wet palette and fine mist water sprayer for acrylic painters.
  • Oil or acrylic colours as follows - titanium white, naples yellow, cadmium yellow, yellow ochre, cadmium red, alizarine crimson, burnt sienna or burnt umber, french ultramarine and ivory black is optional.
  • A good size jar for low odour thinners for oil painters or water to clean brushes, cloths or plenty of tissues.
  • Sticks of charcoal.


Please ensure you bring a carrier for taking home your wet painting if painting in oils.



    07702 060113

    The Art Barn, Manor Barn, Adderbury. OX17 3EJ