'Toadstools & Fungi ' with Nicky Hunter - 24th November 2020

'Toadstools & Fungi ' with Nicky Hunter - 24th November 2020

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These bright fungi are fun to paint ! 


Using irresistible , vibrant reds and oranges and lovely textures you can try a more classical watercolour approach or a wilder way with vivid colour and freer brushstrokes with a little more splash, splatter and risk taking. We will all start the painting together with the same techniques then you will be encouraged to take it your own with with plenty of demos and 1 to 1 guidance through out the day to help your painting progress and your confidence and your watercolour techniques develop . However you approach it toadstools are a wonderful subject matter and the outcome always look appealing. 


We will be work with masking fluid , which can at times make your watercolour look very static and  garish and often naive ; Ill show you how to get a more sensitive outcome from this medium along with other watercolour techniques to keep your work loose, lively and vivid. If you have some masking fluid and any tools to apply it do please bring it along although I will have spares for us to experiment with. You can use masking applicators, ruling pens, nylon brushes, cotton buds, coffee stirrers even sticks and twigs to get interesting effects. 




Please bring your regular water colour kit including brushes, paints, pencil and rubber and wear old clothes or an apron.

paper stretched ready to paint, Water-pots and palates are provided and some other items you may need are included as well as source reference material in the form of real, fresh or dried flowers, quality  photos or other visual reference material.



watercolour in tubes or pans, which ever you prefer.

Please bring what ever you have no need to purchase anything new specifically as Ive always got items to share if you are missing a specific colour.

There are many brands that are good, however its best to  avoid beginner sets or anything that is Acadamy or Student quality as they will be poorer quality and hinder your progress.



You will need a small medium & large watercolour brush, round or mop style are best. A small detailer or rigger and a wash brush are useful too, not essential as I have spares. 

(I prefer Sable or Squirrel hair but good quality soft synthetic are fine too)



Watercolour paper can be purchased stretched and ready to paint for £2.  You may wish to bring your own paper however - Not or Rough texture minimum 300 gran weight, size quarter imperial or A3 is usually best for this style of painting.  



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    The Art Barn, Manor Barn, Adderbury. OX17 3EJ