Zorn Palette Portraits in Oils with Mark Fennell RBSA - 28th & 29th June

Zorn Palette Portraits in Oils with Mark Fennell RBSA - 28th & 29th June

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Zorn palette portraits in oils with Mark Fennell 


This two-day workshop will focus on the basics of portrait painting, working from a live model with a limited palette

of three colors plus white famously used by Swedish painter Anders Zorn to create beautiful skin tones.


It is a painting style best practiced in a quick (3 to 4 hour) wet-into-wet fashion where every brushstroke counts. 

The workshop aims to help artists develop their paint and brush handling toward achieving expressive, yet realistic 

portraits in a more immediate way. 


What to bring:

Two pre-primed and grounded canvases or boards. ( pre ground your canvas with a thin wash of acrylic or oil paint made up of burnt sienna lightened down to a light to mid tan with titanium white, must be dry on the day)

A selection of long handle short flat hog paint brushes in a range of sizes from 2 -12, also a small round size 1 synthetic or hog brush. 

Palette knives - Winsor and newton sizes 20 and 22 or similar.

Zest-It oil painting dilutant or similar low odour

thinners and linseed oil or alternatively just W&N Liquin original. 

A dipper/pot to hold the thinners. A good size flat mixing palette.

Oil colours as follows - titanium white, yellow ochre, cadmium red light, ivory black. 

A good size jar for low odour thinners to clean brushes, cloths or plenty of tissues.


Rags or kitchen rolls to clean brushes.

Please ensure you bring a carrier for taking home your wet painting.




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